It is often hard to find a meaningful gift that will be used and appreciated. A personalized ABC book is sure to be loved and treasured by the special child in your life. And, as they read it over and over, they will be developing a love of reading and familiarity with letters and sounds that will be a big advantage to them throughout their lives.

In addition to using the Read With Me Kids app to make a custom ABC Book, now you can order a custom ABC book at Amazon or at Etsy! These are great options for someone who doesn’t use a smartphone or who feels most comfortable buying there. You’ll choose the number of pages you want customized, and then buy the book. We’ll send you a link to upload photos and provide names for personalizing. You’ll still get to see proofs and can even get a link for a web version of your book if you’d like.

Each page has a full page photo with an illustration added to it. The photos are of animals we provide, or of people, pets, or toys that you provide. The illustrations are all custom made for the ABC book. The combination of photos and illustrations creates fun and interesting pictures and sentences that the kids enjoy, especially some unexpected ones!

For books ordered at Amazon and Etsy our artist also makes a special custom cover that is not available in the app.

For a limited time, clip a $10 off Amazon coupon or Etsy sale price.

Order now and give a meaningful gift that will help a child learn to love reading!