Read With Me Kids is an easy app for making fun, creative stories with your own pictures. You can dress up, pose, create your own props and do some very creative things.

Now you have another option, add stickers as digital props, costumes, buildings, cars, beards, etc. right on top of your pictures or by themselves.

We’ve provided over 250 stickers in 14 categories that you can use to spice up your stories. Stickers can be resized, and the last sticker you position will remain on top of other stickers. Stickers always stay on top of your other pictures.

My three year old grand daughter has been creating her own stories with stickers every day since the feature was released! I’m  impressed that she can resize hats, beards, and glasses to look completely natural on top of the pictures. She even intuitively posed for a picture with her hands cupped to hold an object, then placed a sticker there!

I hope you enjoy stickers as much as we do!