Privacy Policy

If you supply your email we retain it to be able to contact you and facilitate password resets.

If you sign in with a Google or Facebook account, your email will be shared with us. We do not collect or retain any other information from your accounts.

We do not sell or share your email with third parties

We use Google Analytics and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking to help us find customers, improve our app, and provide better solutions. These services employ advertising identifiers, cookies, and app event logging. No personally identifiable information is ever tracked or shared. Google provides us with some general statistics on the demographics and interests of people who use our services.

Books you upload from the app are visible to people you share the URL with. The URL includes random characters so that it cannot be guessed.

Your books are your private content and we respect it and treat it as such. To prevent misuse of our service, we reserve the right to examine your uploaded books algorithmically or personally for prohibited images and content.