Read With Me Kids is a service of Qualint.

Contact Us

1692 E 6765 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(385) 229-1051

The Goal

Reading is a critical life skill. We want all kids to love reading and get good at it. We hope to be able to help with that.

The Principles

Qualint is family owned and operated. We chose the name Qualint because we want our business to be based on principles of Quality and Integrity.

In our view, apps should be high quality. They should work reliably and as advertised. When bugs are found, they should be fixed and the fixes made available at no charge.

We strive to be honest in all our dealings, to act with integrity, to never take unfair advantage. We also strive to provide good service and to be considerate and respectful in all situations.

Our intent is to have these values permeate our products and our activities. If you see an area that you feel doesn't live up to these principles, please make us aware.